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A Guide to Grow Your Hair Naturally and Keep It Healthy
Statistics indicate that 40 % of women lose their hair to some degree. Well, the bald headedness can be as a result of multiple reasons, but there are secrets to achieving natural healthy hair. Avoid damaged hair with the hints below and maintain nice-looking tresses.
The way you wash your hair matter a lot. Never wash the entire length of your hair. Give much attention to the scalp. Such a practice is ideal to avoid damaged hair. If you want your hair to be unmanageable, then wash from top to bottom. Thereby making it coarse and dreary. Shampooing the scalp will clean off the oils and enable your hair to grow.
A perfect hair companion to have is the conditioner. After washing make use of conditioner to avoid damaged hair. Conditioner will improve the natural shine of your hair. But, ensure you use the most suitable conditioner for you as that will help protect your hair from detrimental UV rays. Not to mention that the conditioner is also known to keep your hair healthier. Note, the conditioner should be used on your hair length other than the scalp.
Do you spend a lot of time swimming in the waters? There are ways to avoid damaged hair. Bear in mind that chlorine has detrimental effects to your locks. Make sure you soak your hair with clean water then condition it before you swim. Use a swimming cap as you get into the water. Once out of the water, shampoo and condition your hair with swimmer products. Such practices are recommended to avoid damaged hair for they help in replacement of moisture lost while swimming.
Shampoos and conditioners are made to suit different hairs and so, use those that match your type of locks. If your hair is colored, look for shampoo and conditioner created for your tresses. In case it is damaged, and dry apply the right shampoo that will keep it moisturized.
Consistency matters. Make a timetable of how regular you will be washing your locks. Note, this should be reliant on how oily you get your scalp. If your scalp is somehow drier, do not shampoo your hair regularly. It will keep the dryness in control and control break off. If your scalp is oilier, consider regular washing. It will keep it cleaner.
Now that the secrets to healthy natural locks are clear to you, it is up to you to take the necessary action; otherwise, it will only remain a good narrative. You got to love your locks and care for them more and better; otherwise you will suffer baldness due to hair loss . Enjoy beautiful and healthy natural locks all year round irrespective of the weather condition by making sure you practice proper washing and use the right products.