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Singing Bowls – The Different Health Benefits

More and more people today are using singing bowls that actually have been used for thousands of years. However, its origin is still unknown. But, it is believed that this came from Nepal or India and is used in Tibet as a ceremonial instrument and also used as food bowls. Singing bowls actually not just looks great, but it also comes with various health benefits that are stated in the article below:

Promotes Deep Relaxation

If ever you have a singing bowl as well as a wooden striker and slowly and gently going around the edge of the bowl done in a clockwise direction, the bowl would later on start to ‘sing’. If you hear the wonderful tone of the bowl and feeling its vibration, you are going to become more conscious with your breathing and you would feel a lot more relaxed. Another thing about the bowl is that it is able to give a calming sound that will help to release tension as well as to promote relaxation.

Reduces the Stress and Anxiety

Most hypnotic sound which comes from the singing bowl will help to clear a person’s mind and also from stress and anxiety. The resonance of the bowl will also synchronize with our brain waves and induce a peaceful state. Striking the side of the bowl and filling the room with its beautiful sound clears away the negative energy.

Chakra Balance

When talking about the style of India in healing, physical dysfunction is believed to occur due to an unbalanced chakra or a chakra that’s blocked. Many people also find that the bowl’s tone has a positive effect towards balancing the chakra. If the bowl is going to be used to balance chakra, singing bowls may adjust and balance off the sine waves of chakra.

Aids the Immune System

The vibrations that are being made by singing bowls can aid for stimulating our immune system. Every part of the body would then vibrate and that the sound frequencies created by it helps to optimize, balance and restore our flow of energy where it is really needed. Bear in mind that you should play the singing bowl in a clockwise direction because the energy inside our body flows through a clockwise direction.

Improves Blood Flow and Circulation

Based on studies made, there’s a big reduction with the systolic blood pressure and heart rate after several minutes of relaxing with singing bowls. The sound that singing bowls generate will also reduce brain activities and slow down the respiration rate and heart rate.

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